Why Your System Needs Spring/Fall Preventive Maintenance

Think about it like your car. If you never changed the oil or changed the air filter regularly, things would start breaking down, over heating or getting clogged. Your air conditioning system is the same way. If you have a dirty condenser coil, it will cause the system to work harder (and potentially hotter) to keep the airflow up. This could take years off of the system’s life. Regular filter changes and cleaning allows the unit to work the way it was meant to and will extend the life of your unit. Allowing our company to come check your system twice a year will also dramatically reduce the chance of your unit going out on the hottest or coldest day of the year and waiting in uncomfortable conditions for one of our well trained technicians to come out and get it up and running again. We need annual check ups at the doctor the same way your system needs bi-annual visits from our technicians. Give us a call to schedule your preventive maintenance today! 865-233-4332